As an online store for women's & men's shoes, you can always find the latest shoes from the hottest brands.

2020- GO-Live with the domain www.schuhe.shop

2022 - Takeover of the domain including all employees by Isabelle & Oliver Hammerschmidt

Tamaris sandal
Marco Tozzi sandal


This question has been asked more often since 2022 - or perhaps rather: "Where is Isi?"

Because Managing Director Isabelle Hammerschmidt is always on the move here in Korschenbroich. You'll meet her either in customer service, in the warehouse or in marketing, but rarely in her own office.

Because when she's on site here, she wants to be "right in the middle of things instead of just there". With her ears always open, she listens carefully - and recognizes where the shoe pinches.

A real woman from the shoe industry.

Since the Hammerschmidt family has already been successful in the stationary shoe business for decades, Isi always knew which industry she wanted to work in and is going her very own way with her online store.


With umbrella, charm and lots of clothespins (to mark the selected shoes) Isabelle and Oliver Hammerschmidt visit the suppliers every season anew.

There they are presented with collections and trend themes - and they decide whether to pick up the predicted trends.

In this way, they painstakingly select the shoes that make it into the Schuhe.Shop.

Isi collection selection
Collage order Tamaris